• Tips for standout eyes behind glasses!

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    If you wear glasses, you may think that they’re the solution to hiding your face on a bad day. However, glasses actually bring attention to your face and your eyes get lost behind them. Here are a few tips to make your glasses a part of your look and to instantly add definition to your eyes! 


    1. Conceal

    A common misconception is that glasses help to hide dark circles. However, they actually cast a shadow and can magnify dark circles. Keep a yellow toned concealer handy and blend thoroughly under the eyes in a triangular shape to help brighten up the eye area for a lifting effect.

    Camouflage Cream US$30.

    1. Define your eyes: Eyebrows

    If glasses help to frame your eyes, then your eyebrows help to frame your glasses – and in turn, your whole face. Keep those brows neatly groomed, and fill in any sparse areas with a brow powder for a natural, polished look.

    Brow Powder US$29.

    1. Define your eyes: Eyeliner

    Now that you’ve gotten attention with your glasses, it’s time to pull focus to your eyes. A crisp, dark eyeliner (we like the cat eye) is a great way to define your eyes behind your glasses, and help you look fresh and awake! If you’re feeling glamorous, take things up a notch with a smoky eye – we like smudging navy and plum tones (instead of black) for a natural smoky feel that won’t weigh your eyes down.

    Liquid Liner $30.00


    1. Define your eyes: Volumizing Mascara

    And for the finishing touch, LOTS of mascara! Skip on the lengthening or curling mascara, because who needs black streaks on your lenses every time you blink? Instead, go for a volumizing mascara that will thicken your lashes and really make your eyes pop!

    Infinity Lash Mascara US$28.00


    1. Lip Color

    This is the fun part! Complete your makeup with a bold lip if you’re keeping things simple with your eye makeup. Or, if you’ve gone with a smoky eye, swipe a soft nude shade to complete that sultry look. If you’ve got a pair of statement frames, then we say definitely go bold on bold with a bright intense pop of color to balance out your look!

    Lip Butter US$30.00

    Lip Glaze US$28.00



    1. Protip: Mattify

    Red indentations with a rim of foundation on the nose are not a pretty sight. If you’re using cream or liquid foundation, blot away any excess and set with a powder to prevent your glasses from leaving a mark.


    1. Protip: Travel Brushes

    Using travel brushes will allow you to go as close as possible to your mirror without the brush handles being in the way. So now you won’t be doing your makeup blind!


    It’s time to stop hiding behind your glasses, and make them work for you instead!

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  • A Perfect Shade For Any Date This Valentine’s!

    Posted by Reflections Organics

    Love is in the air! And Valentine’s means a day of flowers, candy, and kisses… Lots of kisses! But nothing damps the mood more than dry, cracked lips or lip colors that aren’t flattering at all. Thankfully, we’ve got a few of our favorite shades of Lip Butter and Lip Glaze to hook you up on your date! Made with nourishing organic ingredients like Coconut Oil and Mango Butter, your lips will be kept soft and smoochable all day (and night!).

    Pink Cupcake – Picnic in the Park

    As pretty as the butterflies and flowers, Pink Cupcake is a flattering shade of violet that will instantly brighten your complexion, and make your smile pop! Perfect for that picnic in the park, you’ll look as fresh as spring and he won’t be able to take his eyes off you! 


    Wild Cherry – Candle Lit Dinner


    Classic red lips = sexy! Channel your inner  vixen with a swipe of Wild Cherry – a bright cherry red that is alluring, and sophisticated. A shade that goes perfectly with a glass of bubbly, you’ll be drawing all the attention at dinner. Did someone say
    “ooh la la”?



    Grapefruit Sorbet – Theme Park date

    For the outgoing and adventurous! Grapefruit Sorbet is a bright orange shade that shouts “FUN!” for a day at the theme park riding bumper cars and rollercoasters! Ending off the day with a scoop of refreshing sorbet makes for even sweeter kisses!
    Watermelon – Brunch & Movie

    If your valentine is taking you out for brunch and a movie, Watermelon is your best bet to keeping it casual but classy. With this unique shade of coral that complements any skin tone, you’ll be too cute to handle! Here’s a tip: Swipe and blend a little on the apples of your cheeks to create a radiant blush all day!
    Berry Shimmer – Staycation

    Clean white sheets, fluffy pillows AND room service? We say YES! Be a little flirty under the sheets with Berry Shimmer – our top pick for a pinkish nude lip, so there’s no need to worry about smudges ;) Even if you’re going makeup-free, dabbing a little over your lips adds a revitalizing glow to your out of bed look. Your man will be glad he chose to spend Valentine’s indoors this year.
    Toasted Almond – Going Artsy

    A day at the galleries with your boo calls for Toasted Almond – a shimmery brown that conveys a sense of culture and elegance. This neutral shade works with a smokey eye or a pop of color on the lids, so we say play up your eyes with this one and keep his off the paintings and locked in on you!
    Whatever the shade of your lipstick, just step out with confidence and have fun!
    As our gift of LOVE to you, simply enter "ROLove17" at checkout to receive 15% OFF any of our Lip Butter and award winning Lip Glaze!
    Here’s wishing you a Happy Valentine’s filled with lots of love, kisses and chocolate!

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  • Streamlining your touch-up game this Chinese New Year!

    Posted by Reflections Organics

    Chinese New Year – lots of yummy food and fun times with family, but also very long days out going around town visiting all our relatives (most of whom we only see this time of year, so we’ll need to look our best). We all wish we could bring our entire makeup kit with us for those mid day touchups so that we always look picture-ready… but alas, not all of us get to travel with our very own glam squad. It can also be a nightmare trying to pick only the most important products we’ll need so that it doesn’t take up too much space in our handbags.
    Fret not! Reflections to the rescue!
    With the help of our convenient and multi-functional products, we’ve narrowed it down to just 3 items so it’s guaranteed to all fit into your purse – AND leave more than enough room for those red packets!
    1. Camouflage Cream (88% Organic | Gluten-Free | Vegan | Cruelty-Free)
    Concealers are a must have when it comes to covering up that pesky blemish that reappears throughout the day, or refreshing the under eyes from any smudging and panda eyes. 

    If you’re going for a bright colored lipstick this year, dab a little concealer all over your lips before touching up to help set the color for a long lasting look (till you get to your next stop and start munching on yummy cookies again!)
    1. Powder Dispensing Brush & Powder
    Touching up in a hurry before taking that perfect selfie means there isn’t time to deal with loose powders, or powder puffs falling out of the case. Enter our powder dispensing brush!
    Load this baby up with the powder foundation of your choice (we’d actually recommend our Sun Protection Powder for all day SPF protection), and all you’ll need is to pull it out, lightly dust over the t-zone and any shiny areas, and retract! Simple!
    1. Lip Butter (85% Organic | Gluten-Free | Vegan | Cruelty-Free)
    The best part about organic makeup is that it’s safe for use any way you wish! Our favorite makeup hack is to use our Lip Butter on both the lips and cheeks - swipe across your lips and finish with two dabs on the cheeks (not too much as cream tends to stick to powder that has set on your face for a long time).
    Tap to blend out with your ring finger, and you’ll love the glowing finish that cream blushes can deliver. You could even try this with our Lip Glaze for a sheer look!
    We love this cheat code because it ensures that your blush and lip colors match, and your skin looks luminous throughout the day! Check out our lip butters in Wild Cherry and Watermelon – pretty shades for that perfect blush!
    We guarantee that these 3 items are all you’ll need to look effortlessly fresh throughout the day, even in the humidity! Now you’re all set to enjoy the day of festivities without worrying about your makeup smudging or melting.
    Happy feasting, and may the Year of the Rooster bring you an abundance of Love, Health and Prosperity!

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  • 4 tips to start the switch to organic beauty

    Posted by Reflections Organics

    Now that you know about the benefits of organic ingredients and reasons why organic makeup and skin care is better for your skin, it’s time to make that change. However, sometimes this switch can be a little overwhelming and you don’t know where to start! Here are 4 simple tips on how you can slowly begin to introduce more organic products to your makeup kit, and eventually complete the switch without having to waste too many products.

    1. Start small

    And by that we mean don’t go on a radical purge and throw out your entire kit! Start by replacing one or two products that you use the most often. You could start with your facial wash, or your makeup remover – items that get used up quickly, so that you can rotate through different organic brands to find one you like the most.

    We recommend our All Natural No-Rinse Makeup remover if you’d like a convenient answer to removing your makeup and treating your skin at the same time!

    1. Try lipsticks

    It’s always more fun to be able to play with different colors. So to really enjoy the experience, start your new organic makeup kit with different shades of lipsticks and have fun switching them up everyday! What’s even better is that they’re all made with natural ingredients so licking your lips after a meal won’t be harmful at all!

    We have just what you need! Our best selling Lip Butters are 85% organic, and made with a mix of delicious ingredients like coconut oil and mango butter to help heal and soothe chapped lips!

    1. Know how to read the ingredients list

    Many products claim to be organic or natural may not actually be completely so. The simplest way to decipher this is to learn how to read the ingredients list. On every label, the ingredients are listed according to the amount that is present in the product – the most being listed first. Therefore, a product may claim to be natural or organic, but only contain a small percentage of such ingredients. For example, an “organic” lipstick could be made of 70% chemical and 30% organic ingredients.  

    Once you know how to read the ingredients lists, you’ll be able to determine which products to invest in and rest assured that you’ll be spending on authentically organic products. Goodbye to clutters of products that aren’t actually what they claim to be!

    1. Find a brand you can relate to

    Finally, going organic is more than just changing the products in your vanity – it is a lifestyle change. To fully live an organic life, find a brand that has a story or a set of philosophies that resonates with you. This way, you’ll be more inclined to support the brand and live the values that they stand for while getting your products!

    Have a look at our brand story and see if it fits your lifestyle! We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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  • Keeping the resolution to “Keep Resolutions”

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    How quickly time flies! Just last night you were counting down to 2017 and before you know it, it’s the middle of January and you haven’t quite gotten on track with your resolutions yet. We all start off with declarations that this year is going to be OUR year, and in a blink, it’s Thanksgiving and we’re preparing for the slew of holiday gatherings to come, with nothing to show for the past year… Not as much as we planned to at least.

    Fret not, ladies! We’ve all been there. The year has only just begun and we’ve got some simple tips for you to keep your resolutions going one little step at a time!


    1. Group your resolutions and keep them simple!

    To help organize your thoughts, it would be useful to split your resolutions into various categories in your life. For example: Physical (exercise, weight goals, nutrition), Social (communication, healthy social life, relationships), and even Intellectual (self improvement, creativity, learning something new).

    Once you have your categories, decide on 4 to 5 resolutions and keep them simple, but specific. The more complicated the resolution, the less likely you’ll be able to really keep to it.

    1. Check in on your progress

    You may even want to write your resolutions on a quarterly basis, and check in on them regularly. If you feel that you have too many to juggle, pick one to focus on for that week/month and work it into your daily schedule so that it becomes part of your every day lifestyle.

    1. Work in pairs or groups

    If you’re more motivated when others are sharing the same experience as you, why not make a pact with your bestie or a family member to keep your resolutions? Leverage on teamwork to figure out specific ways to achieve resolutions, and hold each other accountable. Challenges and failures are going to be a common occurrence as is with most commitments – but having a friend there to help you back on the wagon will make your journey that much easier, and a whole lot more fun!

    1. Take it easy!

    Lastly, have fun with it! Sure, these are important goals to have and they will shape your year – but don’t beat yourself up or give up on it altogether just because you’re falling behind on your plans. As they say, “Falling down is part of life, getting back up is LIVING!”

    More power to you this year, and may 2017 truly be YOUR year! 

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