4 tips to start the switch to organic beauty – Reflections Organics

Posted by Reflections Organics

Now that you know about the benefits of organic ingredients and reasons why organic makeup and skin care is better for your skin, it’s time to make that change. However, sometimes this switch can be a little overwhelming and you don’t know where to start! Here are 4 simple tips on how you can slowly begin to introduce more organic products to your makeup kit, and eventually complete the switch without having to waste too many products.

  1. Start small

And by that we mean don’t go on a radical purge and throw out your entire kit! Start by replacing one or two products that you use the most often. You could start with your facial wash, or your makeup remover – items that get used up quickly, so that you can rotate through different organic brands to find one you like the most.

We recommend our All Natural No-Rinse Makeup remover if you’d like a convenient answer to removing your makeup and treating your skin at the same time!

  1. Try lipsticks

It’s always more fun to be able to play with different colors. So to really enjoy the experience, start your new organic makeup kit with different shades of lipsticks and have fun switching them up everyday! What’s even better is that they’re all made with natural ingredients so licking your lips after a meal won’t be harmful at all!

We have just what you need! Our best selling Lip Butters are 85% organic, and made with a mix of delicious ingredients like coconut oil and mango butter to help heal and soothe chapped lips!

  1. Know how to read the ingredients list

Many products claim to be organic or natural may not actually be completely so. The simplest way to decipher this is to learn how to read the ingredients list. On every label, the ingredients are listed according to the amount that is present in the product – the most being listed first. Therefore, a product may claim to be natural or organic, but only contain a small percentage of such ingredients. For example, an “organic” lipstick could be made of 70% chemical and 30% organic ingredients.  

Once you know how to read the ingredients lists, you’ll be able to determine which products to invest in and rest assured that you’ll be spending on authentically organic products. Goodbye to clutters of products that aren’t actually what they claim to be!

  1. Find a brand you can relate to

Finally, going organic is more than just changing the products in your vanity – it is a lifestyle change. To fully live an organic life, find a brand that has a story or a set of philosophies that resonates with you. This way, you’ll be more inclined to support the brand and live the values that they stand for while getting your products!

Have a look at our brand story and see if it fits your lifestyle! We promise, you won’t be disappointed!