5 Common Makeup Mistakes That We Are Probably Unaware Of… – Reflections Organics

Posted by Dan Calpatura

My makeup skills have always been self- taught, and I always thought that what I knew was sufficient to get me by for simple, natural looks at work and the occasion gala affairs. It was not until recently when I started taking more in-depth interest in the intricate art of makeup (in addition to the knowledge contribution of my qualified makeup artist personal assistant) that I realized that I was guilty of some very grave makeup blunders! DON’T TRY THESE AT HOME!

 1. Testing Foundation On The Wrong Areas

Contrary to popular belief, the best place to match your foundations is to your chest instead of your jawline!  This is because the skin in this area may appear darker or lighter from the shadows cast depending on your bone structure. The skin on your chest, on the other hand, is a much closer match as it receives about the same amount of sun exposure as your face and ages at a similar rate. It also has a much more even tone than other parts of your body.

2. Not Matching Your Eye Shape To Your Eyeliner Technique

Use your liner to your fullest advantage by following these simple techniques! If your eyes are closer set, the thickest, boldest part of the liner should be at the outer corner to widen them, while for eyes that are spaced further apart, the thickest part of your eyeliner should be concentrated at the inner corner. Try our favorite Liquid Liner that gives you full control of how thick or thin you can paint on your liner angle.

3. Using Expired Makeup

Most of us are under the impression that makeup, especially the powder ones, last forever. All makeup, even the non- organic ones, have an average shelf life of about 2 years. Then again, if a foundation has been sitting on our shelf for 2 years, we are probably never going to use it anyway.

Liquid makeup such as mascara have an even shorter “shelf life” of about 3 months after opening. This is because the action of pumping air into the tube when dipping our wands repeatedly introduces air and bacteria into the formula, and it is encouraged to throw out our mascaras– organic and non- organic alike, 3 months after opening.

4. Not Cleaning Brushes Regularly

Using dirty brushes will not cause makeup to look uneven with its accumulated residue, it will also cause breakouts from the bacteria buildup! Make cleaning your brushes a non- negotiable for clean and flawless looking skin!

5. Washing Your Brushes

Don’t have a brush cleaner? Many of us (me included!) think that the next best way is to put it under a running tap and wash the brushes with soap, but little do we know that this damages our brushes and cause it to lose its shape! Quality brushes are very costly so we definitely want to keep them in the best condition possible! Clean brushes with a brush cleaner and hang them with the bristles facing downwards to dry to maintain its shape.

Add these simple yet necessary tips to your 2016 resolution for healthier skin and fresher makeup!