Posted by Reflections Organics

How quickly time flies! Just last night you were counting down to 2017 and before you know it, it’s the middle of January and you haven’t quite gotten on track with your resolutions yet. We all start off with declarations that this year is going to be OUR year, and in a blink, it’s Thanksgiving and we’re preparing for the slew of holiday gatherings to come, with nothing to show for the past year… Not as much as we planned to at least.

Fret not, ladies! We’ve all been there. The year has only just begun and we’ve got some simple tips for you to keep your resolutions going one little step at a time!


  1. Group your resolutions and keep them simple!

To help organize your thoughts, it would be useful to split your resolutions into various categories in your life. For example: Physical (exercise, weight goals, nutrition), Social (communication, healthy social life, relationships), and even Intellectual (self improvement, creativity, learning something new).

Once you have your categories, decide on 4 to 5 resolutions and keep them simple, but specific. The more complicated the resolution, the less likely you’ll be able to really keep to it.

  1. Check in on your progress

You may even want to write your resolutions on a quarterly basis, and check in on them regularly. If you feel that you have too many to juggle, pick one to focus on for that week/month and work it into your daily schedule so that it becomes part of your every day lifestyle.

  1. Work in pairs or groups

If you’re more motivated when others are sharing the same experience as you, why not make a pact with your bestie or a family member to keep your resolutions? Leverage on teamwork to figure out specific ways to achieve resolutions, and hold each other accountable. Challenges and failures are going to be a common occurrence as is with most commitments – but having a friend there to help you back on the wagon will make your journey that much easier, and a whole lot more fun!

  1. Take it easy!

Lastly, have fun with it! Sure, these are important goals to have and they will shape your year – but don’t beat yourself up or give up on it altogether just because you’re falling behind on your plans. As they say, “Falling down is part of life, getting back up is LIVING!”

More power to you this year, and may 2017 truly be YOUR year!