Streamlining your touch-up game this Chinese New Year! – Reflections Organics

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Chinese New Year – lots of yummy food and fun times with family, but also very long days out going around town visiting all our relatives (most of whom we only see this time of year, so we’ll need to look our best). We all wish we could bring our entire makeup kit with us for those mid day touchups so that we always look picture-ready… but alas, not all of us get to travel with our very own glam squad. It can also be a nightmare trying to pick only the most important products we’ll need so that it doesn’t take up too much space in our handbags.
Fret not! Reflections to the rescue!
With the help of our convenient and multi-functional products, we’ve narrowed it down to just 3 items so it’s guaranteed to all fit into your purse – AND leave more than enough room for those red packets!
  1. Camouflage Cream (88% Organic | Gluten-Free | Vegan | Cruelty-Free)
Concealers are a must have when it comes to covering up that pesky blemish that reappears throughout the day, or refreshing the under eyes from any smudging and panda eyes. 

If you’re going for a bright colored lipstick this year, dab a little concealer all over your lips before touching up to help set the color for a long lasting look (till you get to your next stop and start munching on yummy cookies again!)
  1. Powder Dispensing Brush & Powder
Touching up in a hurry before taking that perfect selfie means there isn’t time to deal with loose powders, or powder puffs falling out of the case. Enter our powder dispensing brush!
Load this baby up with the powder foundation of your choice (we’d actually recommend our Sun Protection Powder for all day SPF protection), and all you’ll need is to pull it out, lightly dust over the t-zone and any shiny areas, and retract! Simple!
  1. Lip Butter (85% Organic | Gluten-Free | Vegan | Cruelty-Free)
The best part about organic makeup is that it’s safe for use any way you wish! Our favorite makeup hack is to use our Lip Butter on both the lips and cheeks - swipe across your lips and finish with two dabs on the cheeks (not too much as cream tends to stick to powder that has set on your face for a long time).
Tap to blend out with your ring finger, and you’ll love the glowing finish that cream blushes can deliver. You could even try this with our Lip Glaze for a sheer look!
We love this cheat code because it ensures that your blush and lip colors match, and your skin looks luminous throughout the day! Check out our lip butters in Wild Cherry and Watermelon – pretty shades for that perfect blush!
We guarantee that these 3 items are all you’ll need to look effortlessly fresh throughout the day, even in the humidity! Now you’re all set to enjoy the day of festivities without worrying about your makeup smudging or melting.
Happy feasting, and may the Year of the Rooster bring you an abundance of Love, Health and Prosperity!