The Official Launch of Reflections Organics

Posted by Ganapathi Dasireddy

We were (and still are!) super psyched about our official launch of Reflections Organics over the weekend.

As part of our mission, we have decided to incorporate some humanitarian work by supporting the needy children of Bantayan, Cebu at our launch. We collected a stash of really nice clothes, bags and accessories for sale from our very generous donors, whereby all sales proceeds go to charity. Reflections Organics have also committed to donating part of our sales proceeds from the event to the kids. We would like to extend our gratitude to all who have so generously contributed to our charity drive!

We would also like to thank the following peeps who have so kindly volunteered their time in the name of charity and love for humanity!

The Chefs

We were in for a treat when the vegan chefs of The Awake Method agreed to help prepare the food for the event! We received rave reviews about the food and many were pleasantly surprised as they couldn’t even tell that it was vegan and mostly raw! Thank you Emilie and Luke for spreading the love in your masterpieces and showing us that healthy, high vibrational food can be so yummy!

The Photographer


Alex Shao was the official photographer for the event. We were very blessed to have him considering the first time we met was only about 2 weeks ago when we did my dog Cocoa’s photography at Fort Canning. It was lovely of him to offer to cover our event at such late notice in one of our casual conversations on Facebook, and he did a wonderful job even though most of them were impromptu! He covers both private and corporate events, so interested parties may contact him

The Makeup Artists


Tricia, Michelle and Fiona for helping the  gorgeous ladies with their on-the-spot makeovers! We received feedback from the guests that they learnt a lot from your simple yet effective makeup tips.

Donations and Charity Drive

A Big Thank You to Jace, Liyen, Linda, June and Pauline for helping at the donations and charity drive booths! Operations was definitely massive and we need trusted and able people to drive the sales for the kids. Your time and efforts are much appreciated!

To all the amazing guests who have taken the time to attend our launch and for spreading the word to your friends, and all for your kind support and generous donations! So far we have managed to raise enough so far to sponsor 6 kids for a year. Due to the overwhelming response, we will still be accepting private sales and donations for this week and we will keep you posted on the total amount donated. Stay tuned to find out!