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If you wear glasses, you may think that they’re the solution to hiding your face on a bad day. However, glasses actually bring attention to your face and your eyes get lost behind them. Here are a few tips to make your glasses a part of your look and to instantly add definition to your eyes! 


  1. Conceal

A common misconception is that glasses help to hide dark circles. However, they actually cast a shadow and can magnify dark circles. Keep a yellow toned concealer handy and blend thoroughly under the eyes in a triangular shape to help brighten up the eye area for a lifting effect.

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  1. Define your eyes: Eyebrows

If glasses help to frame your eyes, then your eyebrows help to frame your glasses – and in turn, your whole face. Keep those brows neatly groomed, and fill in any sparse areas with a brow powder for a natural, polished look.

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  1. Define your eyes: Eyeliner

Now that you’ve gotten attention with your glasses, it’s time to pull focus to your eyes. A crisp, dark eyeliner (we like the cat eye) is a great way to define your eyes behind your glasses, and help you look fresh and awake! If you’re feeling glamorous, take things up a notch with a smoky eye – we like smudging navy and plum tones (instead of black) for a natural smoky feel that won’t weigh your eyes down.

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  1. Define your eyes: Volumizing Mascara

And for the finishing touch, LOTS of mascara! Skip on the lengthening or curling mascara, because who needs black streaks on your lenses every time you blink? Instead, go for a volumizing mascara that will thicken your lashes and really make your eyes pop!

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  1. Lip Color

This is the fun part! Complete your makeup with a bold lip if you’re keeping things simple with your eye makeup. Or, if you’ve gone with a smoky eye, swipe a soft nude shade to complete that sultry look. If you’ve got a pair of statement frames, then we say definitely go bold on bold with a bright intense pop of color to balance out your look!

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  1. Protip: Mattify

Red indentations with a rim of foundation on the nose are not a pretty sight. If you’re using cream or liquid foundation, blot away any excess and set with a powder to prevent your glasses from leaving a mark.


  1. Protip: Travel Brushes

Using travel brushes will allow you to go as close as possible to your mirror without the brush handles being in the way. So now you won’t be doing your makeup blind!


It’s time to stop hiding behind your glasses, and make them work for you instead!