Understand Mineral Makeup: 5 Key Facts – Reflections Organics

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Mineral makeup is all the rage these days after recent scares unveiling the chemical cocktail in conventional makeup. But what exactly is mineral makeup? Here are the most useful facts to help you understand this recent phenomena.

1 – Product of the Earth

Real mineral makeup is composed mainly of minerals derived from the earth. These products do not contain talc, synthetic ingredients, emollient oils and waxes, dyes, fragrances, fillers, preservatives or chemicals. Mineral makeup is different from its mineral-based and mineral-enriched counterparts that may contain the extra ingredients stated above and other paraben preservatives.

2 – Naturally Derived

Minerals such as zinc oxide, iron oxide, mica and titanium dioxide are micronized, or milled and ground into tiny particles to create the strong pigments in most makeup. Over-processed minerals become nanoparticles, which are so too tiny they can actually be absorbed into the skin and blood.

Through our blood, nanoparticles can reach the walls of our lungs and become permanently embedded there. Naturally derived mineral makeup is typically composed of larger microparticles, which do not enter our bloodstream and therefore result in little to no harmful chemical build-ups in our bodies.

3 – Old Technology

It has been used since ancient times for the purpose of adding color to the skin for decoration, for camouflage and as war paint. The ever-timeless Cleopatra kohl-rimmed look was certainly not created with lead-based kajal liners. In fact, anthropologists think mineral makeup has been used since pre-history.

4 – Only “All Natural”

Since minerals are basically crushed rocks, mineral makeups are inorganic and cannot be labeled “organic” by manufacturers. Most pure mineral makeups can only be classified as “natural” at best. Don’t turn away when you can’t find these products with the certified organic label, because minerals cannot be certified organic. What matters most is that the products are composed mainly of minerals, not chemicals, and that the minerals are naturally derived.

5 – A little goes a long way

One container of pure mineral foundation can equal four or more liquid or powder foundations. Therefore, while most naturally derived mineral makeup may cost a little more, you’ll get a lot more out of them. Also, pure minerals provide a flawless finish and minimize skin imperfections. Women of any race, age and skin type can wear real mineral makeup without irritation or worry of any negative effects on the body, the damage to the environment or cruelty to animals.