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Feels just like 2nd skin | Reflections Organics Organic Liquid Foundation
March 8, 2017 Perin Sidhu



If there has anything I have learnt about Singapore’s weather and makeup over the years, it is that they share a love-hate relationship. The humid weather spares no one and sometimes, even the strongest of bases ends up succumbing to the sweltering heat. It is for this very reason that I am always on a lookout for the best skin bases – and when I mention best, I am referring to light weight yet pigmented. Trust me, the search has not been easy. 

I have been putting a new base to the test and I am glad to revert with some positive feedback. Joining the reigns of the top foundations in my list (i.e. Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation, Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, L’Oréal Makeup Designer Paris Infallible Pro-Matte) is…


 Reflections Organics Organic Liquid Foundation (shade: Mesmerize). All it took was 5 tries for me to fall in love with this foundation.



I am always intrigued by any product’s ingredients list. After all, you should be aware of what’s going onto your face. A stand out ingredient for in this foundation is Rice Powder. I have been using Rice Powder oil-blotting sheets for years, so imagine my excitement when I saw this as one of the ingredients. Rice powder is nature’s natural form of sun protectant. Back in the day, my mother used to apply it to keep her face matte. This ingredient helps to soothe and protect the skin and leaves the complexion feeling soft and smooth. Perhaps that is why you’ll notice the foundation gliding onto your face effortlessly and blending well.

Did you know, you could also use rice powder to exfoliate your skin? It works well for even acne-prone skin types.


Shades | Will you be able to find one?


Currently, Reflections Organics Organic Liquid Foundation is available in only 3 shades(i.e. Perfection, Mesmerize, Luminous). I am using the shade Mesmerize. This shade would work well for belles with medium to honey skin tones. I hope more shades are available in the near future because the formula is pretty to miss out on. For now, belles with darker skin tones will have to wait. 


Coverage | Impressions

This 90% Organic foundation offers up to medium coverage on initial application. It is definitely buildable but I would advise against applying more than 2 layers lest you end up piling on too much. The speciality of this product is that less is more. Remember belles, foundation is meant to even your skin tone out and provide coverage which looks natural. Additional coverage can come in the form of correctors or concealers. 

The top two application methods for this foundation are either via a damp beauty sponge or a dense buffing brush which would allow you to work the product into the skin. 

The first coat gives the complexion “even-ness” You’ll notice your complexion looking more fresh and radiant. If you struggle with dullness or a lacklustre complexion, this foundation would give it a boost. However, if you struggle with redness you might require more than one layer. At the point of testing, I did have one zit on my chin and boy did this foundation cover it well.

Dark circles are a common skincare woe for me – while my dark circles aren’t overly dark, I do find that they can make or break my look. This foundation did not cover them  to the degree I am used to (it did a good job of about 60%) and I had to go in with a powder / concealer (a tiny bit). What it commendable though is that the foundation did not cake up under my eyes or around my nose. Even after 5 hours, tap your ring finger under your eyes and you’ll still feel that the area is hydrated.


Finish | Wear Time

The foundation sets with a semi-matte finish without drying your skin out. You will notice an inherent glow which comes this foundation. So, if you are someone who does not like a mixture of semi matte with a dew, this might not be up your alley.

Skin-friendly ingredients such as Aloe Barbadensis and Rosemary Extract have been used in the product to not only protect your skin but soothe it. 

Throughout the day (i.e. 6-7 hours of wear), the foundation kept my skin feeling cool. At the 6 hour mark, I did find that some of the foundation had rubbed off my chin and nose but it was nothing overly obvious, excepts on my lower chin. A little touch of powder helped to mattify the skin and prolong the wear time.

However on days where my skin leaned towards the drier side, the foundation did break up on the 5 hour mark and touch ups were required around my brow bone and chin.

Speaking of powder, I did set the foundation with a light dust of  mineral powder at the end of application. If you have a drier complexion, you could skip this step but for individuals with combination or oily skin types, you might wish to set the foundation. My two top powder picks are Reflections Organics Mineral Powder in Flawless, RCMA Colourless Powder and LUSH Emotional Brilliance Powder.  Due to the liquid nature of this foundation and ingredients used, setting the foundation would help to prevent the product from slipping about.


Buy it or skip it? 

Despite the limited colour selection, I would highly recommend this product to belles who are able to find their shade. The foundation feels like second skin and that is what you would want in a humid climate like Singapore’s. It is long lasting, provides buildable coverage and leaves your skin feeling radiant – now that is a powerful combination in a base product.

You are also receiving 30 ml of product which to me is a bonus. As a little goes a long way, this foundation will suffice over the months.

Yet another amazing product from this local brand! If you would like to see a snippet of how the foundation wore on me, check out  the tutorial on my all-new Facebook page (click click)

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this post. For more beauty confessions, feel free to follow me on Instagram at Littlemissconfessions.


Till the next entry, stay safe and fabulous