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Reflections Organics Media Launch & Review



No one does organic, high performance, affordable makeup quite like Reflections Organics. I was so pleased to be introduced to this brand in January, during their media event. A little background to the brand; it’s actually founded by a Singaporean! I’m thrilled to meet a local entrepreneur, furthermore, it’s always a joy to hear them talk about their journey and what inspired them.

The founder of Reflections Organics, Nerissa Low, spoke to us about how the importance of using safe, clean, and natural products. After all, what goes on your skin will get absorbed into your body so it you don’t want toxic chemicals being absorbed right? With our skin being the largest organ of our body, can you imagine how much product is getting absorbed daily?? At Reflections Organics, their motto is to provide authentic organic makeup with a wide range of colours at an affordable price.

At the event, I was able to see the entire makeup collection and the pressed eyeshadows immediately caught my attention. One colour that I fell in love instantly with was Purple Sapphire which is a gorgeous plum with shimmer. I’m happy to say that it had good pigmentation with a smooth texture that was just slightly dry in the pan, but it blended out without much of an issue.

Some photos with my lovely blogger friends. I’m the one in red.


In my press kit, I received the lip butter in Frosted Plum ($42 SGD / $30 USD), which I’ve been using a lot lately. It feels lightweight and moisturizing on the lips, plus the colour is gorgeous for everyday wear. It’s a pretty rosy plum with shimmer. True to it’s name, there is a slight frost to the color, but nothing too metallic looking. One swipe gives off opaque color coverage with a creamy, very smooth consistency. On me, it lasted for about five hours. The only con to this lipstick would be the packaging. I found that the lipstick seems to be able to move around when the cap is closed and if you’re not careful, the lipstick could end up all over the inside of the cap. But it’s worth noting that I’ve not had any issues of the cap coming off.

Another product I got to try was the liquid liner ($42 SGD / $30 USD) in Black Onx. Ok, this liquid liner blew me away. The ultra long-lasting, 100% smudge-proof claims are no joke! This liner will remain on your eyes all day until you are ready to remove it. You don’t have to worry about looking like a panda with this. This is also made of 70% organic ingredients with no artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals, completely gluten-free and cruelty-free. How is that not winning? So much love for this!


The last makeup product in my press kit was the Camouflage Cream ($42 SGD / $30 USD) in Magic. This is made of good stuff such as Vitamin E, organic coconut, cocoa seed butter, castor seed, and jojoba seed oil. Unfortunately, the shade range is a bit limited (5 shades), and Magic didn’t suit my skin tone. However, I was able to play around with it and I adore how it gave a great amount of coverage without being too dry or heavy. I will be honest though, I don’t have acne scars to conceal so I don’t know how well it’ll cover scars. But it covers my small veins pretty darn well!

Here are the swatches of the three products. The first swatch of the lip butter is after multiple swipes, the second swatch is after only one swipe.  

I was pleasantly surprised to see some snacks included in my press kit as well. Puvay’s Chia Lite is a 100% natural, fruit-puree based drink that is specially formulated with high amount of organic whole chia seeds, prebiotic chicory root extract, together with natural polysaccharides. I enjoyed the passion-fruit with mango flavour and love how it’s without artificial flavourings, colourings, sweeteners, or preservatives. Also included was some chocolate popcorn from Boxgreen. The popcorn was packaged in a small packet so you won’t feel guilty snacking on it. In addition, it wasn’t too sweet which I like.

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Readers in Singapore, you can find Reflections Organics showroom at:
1 Thomson Ridge
Singapore 574633

It’s a good way to try the products before purchasing them! You can find Reflections Organics on Instagram @reflectionsorganics and Facebook. Happy shopping and have a great week ahead lovelies!


Products were provided for consideration. This review contains my honest and true opinions.