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Event: Media Launch of Reflections Organics @ Picnic SG

Jan 19th, 2017 at 12:23 PM 

Last week was crazily busy for me but I was so glad to be able to squeeze out some time to attend the media launch of Reflections Organics @ Picnic SG.


I've been wanting to visit Picnic SG ever since my Instagram was flooded with pictures of the restaurant and the food posted by my fellow influencers. No thanks to them for enticing me!

Reflections Organics is an organic makeup brand that contains 90% USDA Certified Organic Premium active ingredients. It does not consist of any chemicals; is nanoparticle-free and does not test on animals. 

Instead, the products are vegan, environmentally-friendly and are even formulated with ingredients that can be eaten. I guessed it's true that when a product has ingredients that are safe for consuming through the mouth, it should be even safer when applied onto your skin.

The brand also invests largely on the quality of the products rather than the packaging. In fact, their packaging is pretty simple and they use soy-based and food-grade ink for their labels!

I was also happy to catch up with Ms Nerissa Low who is the founder of Reflections Organics. I knew her long ago at a launch of her former skincare brand and it's great to see her looking good, doing well and moving on to a new organic makeup range.

I love the inspiration that came behind the name of the brand. The brand strives to empower ladies to remember how beautiful and powerful they actually are instead of being subjected to societal standards of beauty. This ties in closely with my own beliefs that you need to define the person that you are because if not, others will tell you who to be. 

It's cool to have a brand that encourages ladies to pursue their own beauty through healthy ways by using safe and eco-conscious ingredients that can do their skin and the environment good in the long run. Ladies, let your beauty shine and never hide your wings!


We also watched a makeup demonstration and we learnt that not only are the products easy to use and look awesome on the skin, they are also safe for pregnant ladies. 

Thumbs up for that!


I was very attracted to their lip butter range because their colours are sooo prettttyyy!!


They largely have pastel pinks and coral tones that are suitable for Asian skin as well as a few vibrant colours for a louder, party look. I also like the fact that the lip butters are very moisturizing too so you need not worry about chapped lips while wearing them.      

They have lip glazes as well to complement the lip butters. Alternatively, you can wear the lip glazes on their own.

 As many of the lip glazes are created using food such as berries, peach, grapefruit etc., they actually smell naturally good.

I know people don't normally sniff their lippies but for this brand, you've got to try it because these products are definitely worth a whiff.

Take this purple lip glaze named Pink Cupcake for example. It truly smells like a freshly baked cupcake. I'm not kidding!

If I can only choose 1 makeup product to own, I will at least own a foundation.

Foundations are the most essential makeup product for me but good foundations that suit your skin to a tee are hard to find. I was very happy to know that the brand stocks Organic Liquid Foundation with good blendability and coverage. If you're looking for a liquid foundation that contains ingredients, which are safe for the skin, do consider this!


Although I don't use powdered foundation, I know people who swear by powders rather than liquids for their base makeup. Mineral makeup was the rage years ago so if you're someone who prefers using mineral powdered foundation, Reflections Organics has a basketload of mineral foundations for your selection.

There are also multiple shades available for mineral powdered foundation so be prepared to be spoilt for choice!

Reflections Organics' camouflage creams are their concealers and they are stored in a form of a compact case with a mirror so that one can touch up on makeup and conceal imperfections on the go.

 Personally, I felt that the camouflage creams work better as an undereye concealer or for concealing mild redness on the face. What I like about the camouflage cream is that it even brightens the undereye while concealing dark circles. In terms of concealing dark spots or pimple bumps, there's room for improvements!

 Are these pressed eyeshadows gorgeous or what?! 

I did some colour swatching and I loved how pigmented the eyeshadows are. I was also in love with the Purple Sapphire pressed eyeshadow. The colour and the glitter bits will certainly add sparkle to your eyes!

Reflections Organics stocks a large variety of eyeshadows so if you're an eyeshadow addict, you should certainly check the brand out. Besides pressed eyeshadows which I very much prefer, they also have A LOT of mineral eyeshadows, some with sparkles and some without. Go ahead to explore the eyeshadow range and I'm very sure you'll find an eyeshadow that you will like. I already found mine. :)


I don't wear mascara because I'm still a noob when it comes to applying this product. Nonetheless, for many of my friends, mascaras are a must for eye makeup. So there you have it - the Reflections Organics' Infinity Lash Mascara that comes with a big wand.

They have two colours in stock, the Black Tourmaline and the Brown Quartz and they retail at USD$28 each. Go try them!

Dinner was served by Picnic SG and it was a buffet spread of healthy salads, yummilicious baguettes as well as sandwiches.

Thank you Picnic SG for feeding us!


Holy mama, the cakes!!! They looked so Instagram-worthy that I really needed to snap a picture and put it on my Instagram. HA HA.

I shared the chocolate cake with blogger friend, Pearly and oh my, the chocolate was so rich and divine! Yums!

Warm soups for the soul, anyone?

I also shared one of the soups with Pearly because we were both full by then and couldn't stomach more so sharing is caring.

There was a fringe activity going on and we were encouraged to create our own floral mandala using dried leaves and flowers.

These leaves and flowers were all painstakingly pressed by fellow blogger, June so thank you girl for putting so much effort in organizing this fun-filled fringe activity!

For someone with zero artistic ability, I managed to create this masterpiece. LOL.

I was so proud of my work because I actually started off with no idea on how to create my floral mandala. The lazy me decided to arrange 3 large leaves first before filling the gaps with smaller flowers, petals and leaves. I didn't know that the result would be so pleasing to the eye. I also never expected to receive so many 'likes' and compliments from fellow friends! :D


At the end of the launch, I went home with a pink treasure trove containing 3 makeup products lovingly sponsored by Reflections Organics.

The 3 products are namely a Camouflage Cream in Magic, a Liquid Liner in Black Onyx and a Lip Butter in Sweet Plum. Coincidentally, they retail at USD$30 each!

I tested the products last week and was very impressed by their quality. I used the Camouflage Cream for my undereyes and wore the liquid liner as well as the lip butter for an event last week.

 The liquid liner dries quickly and is truly smudge-proof and reliable. I could be sweaty under the sun but my eyeliner just wouldn't budge until I removed it with an eye makeup remover. The lip butter is my first mauve shade and I was worried that I would look odd wearing it but I ended up liking the look so much! I guessed it's because it's a very understated colour and doesn't make me look too dramatic. As bimbotic as this may sound, it also matches my hair colour. LOL.

In sum, I'm excited to add these 3 products to my makeup collection. I will continue using them because I love them so much!


Reflections Organics makeup products currently retail on their Official Website.

From now till March 2017, you can enjoy a 10% discount if you use my promo code 'ROTracy17' during checkout for all products on the website. Happy shopping!


Disclaimer: Reviews are based on personal experiences.