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    Meet Nerissa Low, Founder of Organic Makeup Line Reflections Organics

    by Mel Chi December 12, 2017


    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

    My background is in Finance and I have always wanted to put my creativity into another vehicle that I am passionate about. I am a big believer in holistic and natural remedies, so I decided to venture into a business that promotes organic living so that people have options for safer alternatives for beauty.


    How did Reflections Organics come about?

    I use cosmetics daily at work and while I use organic skincare and bodycare, I found it hard to find organic makeup in the market. They are mostly natural and mineral, but authentic organic makeup is hard to come by. I then decided to fill this gap in the market by creating a line that fits my personal criteria of what I want in my makeup; No nano-particles, free of synthetic chemicals, vegan and cruelty-free. 

    I started Reflections with the intention to have a line of premium organic cosmetics that will be more than just about quality products. In this day and age, people are always looking towards others for self validation, and I wanted to inspire women to look within themselves to see their true beauty and potential. Hence the name Reflections.

    Why should people use organic or vegan make up? 

    Apart from improving their skin chemical-free with products that are actually nourishing for them, I also believe that every life form is important in our ecosystem and we should not harm any lives for our own benefit.

    In terms of the look of some of the organic/vegan products, some may say they are inferior to the chemical-laden products which offer i.e. a matte finish, smear-proof lipstick, etc. What do you have to say to that?

    I have tested chemical makeup that literally stays on my skin for days! In my opinion, that is quite scary- imagine the amount of chemicals that went into that product to have it absorb into your skin this way! Although our lipsticks do not have a tattoo effect, it does give a natural tint that lasts long even after food. Unlike chemical lipsticks, they don't discolor your natural lip color over time. Our liquid liners are also indestructible- I have gone for 90 minute massages face down and woke up with them completely intact without smudges. In general, our makeup (foundations, eye shadows and blush alike) lasts all day without touch ups required but removes easily at the end of the day.

    What are some of the biggest misconceptions about organic/vegan make up?

    That they have short shelf lives and are expensive. Quality organic makeup is very rich and pigmented and only a small amount is needed for each use. For the length of time that it lasts a user, they may be even cheaper than their chemical counterparts. It literally took me 2 years to finish my blush! Organic makeup also uses natural preservatives and can last up to 7 years!

    What tips do you have for someone considering switching out their daily essentials with non-toxic alternatives?

    Every time they run out of a product, replace it with a safer, toxin- free alternative. If they are unable to a complete detox, take the step-by-step approach towards a healthier lifestyle.

    To someone thinking, “Are all these trouble necessary?” What do you say?

    The trouble, time and money lost when a major illness occurs will be much worse!

    Would you consider yourself as a Health Freak?

    I wouldn't call myself a Health Freak as I have a weakness for sinful local food and decadent desserts! But I try to balance it out with my power smoothies, regular exercise and health supplements.


    ***This is a series of articles about individuals and companies that share the same vision as us, about the importance of eating healthy, reducing the amount of toxic we expose ourselves to, and living a greener life. If you know of an individual or a brand that shares the same vision, shoot us an email and we'll feature them!


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  • 'Beauty Insider' Product Feature - Lip Glaze

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    If you’re a fan of natural organic skincare, add these 2016 Beauty Insider Award winners to your makeup kit. They have no toxins and contain tons of antioxidants. How can we not love a product that makes us look pretty while protecting our skin?



    This mega-glossy glaze gives you lots of color and shine but doesn’t feel sticky! You’ll love the shades. Some of our editor’s favorites are Berry Shimmer (a pretty pinkish beige that works with a smoky eye or worn on its own for a natural sun-kissed look) and Ginger Glaze (a natural pink that will flatter all skin tones). Even if you’re not into natural organic makeup, these glosses are a winner! 

    This lip gloss is 90% organic and is full of plant extracts that will keep your lips smooth and healthy! You don’t have to worry about dry, flaky lips either – the shea butter and coconut oil act like a lip treatment, too. 

    Shop it now: To buy Reflections Organics Lip Glaze, head to Ecorganics at 1 Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574633


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