An average woman is exposed to more than 100 chemicals in her skincare and makeup daily even before she leaves her bathroom in the morning. It is alarming to know that seemingly harmless personal care products we have grown up with are contributors to serious health hazards that plague many today, such as cancer and neurological damage. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, so just imagine the massive rates at which it is absorbing the chemicals it comes into contact with.

It is time to make a change. 4 reasons why you should choose organic cosmetic products


Organic makeup is made with nutrients that will benefit your skin. From nourishing minerals like magnesium, calcium, mica and zinc oxide to botanical ingredients like tea tree oil, rosemary extracts and green tea, these products of nature soothe and protect the skin.

Most makeup contains harsh chemicals that are bad for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, it is wise to choose organic makeup because it is less irritating. By using products with high concentrations of the ingredients listed above, your skin’s overall condition will naturally improve.


The three major ingredients found in mineral makeup – titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide – offer protection against sun damage and premature aging of the skin, thus decreasing the risk of skin cancer.

Aside from providing long-lasting coverage, Titanium Dioxide also provides ultraviolet protection with its built-in SPF 15. Zinc Oxide provides sun protection against UVA rays (ultraviolet A) and UVB rays (ultraviolet B) while Iron Oxide provides UV protection and gives the mineral foundations and eye shadows their hues.


Birth defects have been linked to many chemicals found in our daily skincare regime. More recently, a well-known household name for baby products has been linked to cancer. It is a sobering thought, considering that our generation grew up swearing by these well-marketed brands.

Ronnie Cummins, director of the Organic Consumers Administration in the United States, quoted a study where pregnant women exposed to higher levels of phthalates commonly found in fragrances, shampoos, cosmetics and nail polishes are more likely to have children who display disruptive behavior years later. Innocent children should not become victims of adult choices. When you use organic cosmetics, you make a silent contribution to the well-being of future generations.


Many of the products we use daily are petrochemical-based. This vicious chain reaction takes the lives of animals and plants, and in turn, humans. We are not just harming ourselves, but also the world we live in.

Organic cosmetic products are better for the environment because organic farming eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers, which has a destructive effect on our water, soil, and health. Organically grown plants also do not have any genetically modied organisms (GMOs), which may pose a significant threat to both human and environmental health. Therefore, while looking out for your own well-being, you are also helping to protect our fragile ecosystem.

Reflections is all about beauty from the inside out, we believe women should always see how truly beautiful and powerful they are, and not be subject to society's definition of beauty.

We express our strong social responsibility values through sponsorships of Singapore’s young talent and in workshops designed to empower young women by offering them new opportunities. 

To us organic is what nature has produced – untainted, fluid, and alive.

We create cosmetics out of things you might even eat–think coconut, mango, cocoa–because the skin absorbs any chemicals in our cosmetics just as our body absorbs any preservatives or insecticides in our food.

Organically grown plants do not contain any genetically modified organisms or GMOs, which are a significant threat to both human and environmental health. Therefore, at the same time Reflections Organic protects your health, we are also able to protect the fragile ecosystems of the Earth. 


Nerissa Low, founder of Reflections went abroad in search of answers to life’s bigger questions.

The extraordinary experiences of her travels inspired her to start Reflections, a unique cosmetics company that values environmental and social wellbeing. “It is difficult to find authentic organic makeup,” says Ms. Low.

Many companies use language like “with natural extracts” or “contains organic ingredients” but only add small amounts of natural ingredients. She believes consumers should know about the products they use and be proactive and aware of their own purchasing power to support values-based companies.

This belief is a guiding force in the development of Reflections. Aside from developing her cosmetics brand, Nerissa plans to create workshops designed to empower women and communities.