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Organic Is Beautiful


Every stroke and dab gives her the avenue to explore her individuality. But she would be hard-pressed to do so, when overwhelmed with chemical-riddled commercial cosmetics that would leave her skin irreparably blemished.

We believe organic is nature—untainted, fluid, and alive.

Nerissa Low, founder of Reflections Organics, knows that. So she went abroad to find answers to questions such as: What truly makes a woman beautiful? We believe that the answer lies in Nature.

Nature is beautiful. Nature is pure. Beautiful is organic. All of nature's provenance should make every woman beautiful, and rightly so.

"Natural, safe and thoughtful." Caren Lai

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Why #GoOrganic?


It has been clinically proven that organic makeup actually improves skin imperfections over time! So you will no longer even feel the need to put on a daily a thick 'facade'.

Of course, having sensitive skin is more a reason to leave commercial makeup and #GoOrganic. It will be less irritating and - by using the products with high concentrations of magnesium, calcium, mica and zinc oxide, botanical ingredients like tea tree oil, rosemary extracts and green tea - will absolutely improve your skin naturally (from the inside out).


We all know that the sun's ultraviolet rays cause damage such as skin cancer. What can be better than being beautiful and being protected from UV rays?

Titanium dioxide, one of the three major ingredients found in mineral makeup, provides coverage that lasts long and ultraviolet protection with its inherent SPF-30. The other two: Zinc Oxide provides protection from UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB while Iron Oxide gives our magical mineral foundations and eye shadows worth your while - yes, you've guessed it, UV protection (finally!).


Not only do commercial skincare products cause unnecessary damage to your skin, it also threatens to cause harm to your little bundle of joy . Just recently, an established brand for baby care products has been connected to cause cancer. Blimey! A product we entrust our babies to - not to mention that we grew up using that - could be potentially causing serious harm.

A study of pregnant women exposed to high levels of phthalates - commonly found in shampoos, perfumes, and nail polish - are prone to having offspring with a disruptive behavior. This study is done
by Ronnie Cummins, director of the Organic Consumers Administration in the United States. So, ladies… choosing to #GoOrganic not only saves your Face; it also can save your Race.


As we've mentioned, choosing organic makeup means choosing nature again and again. Always. In turn, we actually save the environment. Discombobulating, no? The petrochemical-based products we use daily cause a vicious chain reaction that kills animals and their habitats - and eventually, us. Use that and you can cause harm to Mother Nature, herself.

We strongly believe in eradicating the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers in which can cause irreversible damage to our skin. What's more, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) don't play a part in organically grown plants. Thus, if you #GoOorganic, you are also being an eco-mentalist.

Being green has never been so beautiful!

"...guilt-free, natural and healthy cosmetics!" - Desiree D

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Reflections is all about beauty from the inside out, we believe women should always see how truly beautiful and powerful they are, and not be subject to society's definition of beauty.

Our Philosophy

Reflections Organics is built on the foundation of empowering women to define beauty in her own terms; devoid of society’s standards. We want women to feel beautiful from the inside out, to experience the joy of choosing beauty without fear .

Simply put : untainted, fluid, and alive.



Our Founder

 Drawing inspiration from her extraordinary travel experiences, Nerissa started Reflections Organics —a high-performance no-frills beauty brand that advocates strongly for environmental and social wellbeing.

She believes consumers should be rightfully educated and informed of the contents within products they use, allowing them to be proactive with their purchase and provide support to brands with a cause.

This belief became her fundamental guiding force for Reflections Organics.


"...have been looking around for safe, organic lip glazes (sic) for the longest time and can finally get them easily from Reflections Organics."- Kareen Lai

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