I absolutely love the Liquid Liner!! Its fine tip glides over my eyelids and so i get to draw a neat-shaped eyeliner with no mess. More importantly, it stays on after a long day and it doesn't smudge!

A friend of mine gave me my first Lip Glaze and Liquid Liner from Reflections for my birthday. I of course immediately did a little swatch of them both. My mind was blown! Especially by the eyeliner! It's phenomenal! It did not budge at all. No matter how hard I tried rubbing it! The removal, on the other hand, is so easy! It just takes a little bit of water or eye makeup remover! It really is magic. It does sting a little bit when you first apply it, but it goes away after awhile.

Anyone who knows me, would know that I don't really wear lipgloss. But I would wear this religiously! The formula's not sticky and it feels really comfortable on the lips. The color I was given, Roasted Cherry, was just the right color for my skin tone.

I'm really excited for this brand because it's organic, uses all natural ingredients and does not test on animals.
Geeta Pillai

My favorite product will definitely have to be the Lip Glaze, as I have extremely dry lips. Thus, I normally shy away from lip products. But Reflection's Lip Glaze is gentle on my lips and it doesn't cause my lips to dry up and flake. Another reason would be because it has an appealing range of colors that caters to every single mood. Going for a natural look? Cappuccino is the color for you. Flirty? Pink Macaron! Empowering? Roasted Cherry is definitely the color. One swipe and you're ready to take on the world. Another plus factor would be that it's extremely affordable!

I feel that the brand also encourages ladies to be confident in their own skin. And that loving yourself is the key factor of being a lady of confidence. The culture of this brand is evident though the fact that it's products are lightweight and their advisements do not emphasize solely on what kind of look you can achieve, but more of how these products can be trinkets to help you through a tough day. I like how these products are mere basics that can go a distance. I also like the fact that while I'm using these products, my mind doesn't have to worry about any innocent furry lives lost during the making process as it is cruelty-free.
Krystle Ang

I bought a few products from your store so i'm going to go through them one by one... Firstly I think the Mineral Highlighter is convenient and easy to use with the Powder Dispensing Brush!  It's good for touching up and it's small and handy. The highlighter doesn't overwhelm too as I can adjust the dial on the brush for the desire amount. The Mascara stays on all day and ACTUALLY smells good. So easy to wash off too! No chemicals is a plus! The Mineral Cream Concealer covers well and has a good texture. I use a lot so it's great that it's safe and chemical-free. I had rashes on my face and I had to conceal the redness so the organic concealer works great because I don't have to worry about aggravating it as it also helps to treat my skin. It recovered after a day! I love the Pressed Mineral Blush because Cherry Blossom is a great color and comes with a mirror so it's convenient. I love the texture of the Lip Glaze  and it looks great even without lipstick. We tend to eat our Lip products so it's great that it's organic! Reflections gives me peace of mind and I don't have to worry about the chemicals :)
Cynthia Lo

My favorite Reflections product so far would be the Anti Aging BB Cream and the Lip Butter. I love the multi-uses of the the Anti-aging BB cream which helps moisturizes and even out skin tones. It also acts as a primer, allowing make-up to glide on easily. Best of all, it isn't irritating to my sensitive skin! The Lip Butter (Sweet Plum) delivers good color intensity and is non-drying to the lips. Plus, it is preservatives-free!

Reflections is about skin- friendly and environmentally- friendly cosmetics, and is a brand that practises social responsibility in its business. If I were to choose 3 words to describe the brand, it would be : Natural, safe and thoughtful.
Caren Lai

My favorite is the Lip Glaze! I have been looking around for safe, organic lip glosses for the longest time and can finally get them easily from Reflections! They have so many amazing colours that I can't make up my mind which ones to get all the time. The colours stay and give really good coverage. I have one in my bag everyday for all occasions.
Reflections is really all about allowing us girls to reflect the beauty within us, through clean makeup that do not taint our original selves. I feel safe using Reflections products and am happy to trade in my commercial range for it. And why not ... When it's actually safer and more economical than commercial make up?
Kareen Lai

My fave product is the Lip Glaze.. Moisturizes your lips and colour spreads easily. Feels like you have natural supple lips.. Unlike other lip glosses I have tried which have a very thick and sticky feel and bad after taste. Reflections to me the brand is about feeling empowered to take a stand and making conscious choices.. Taking a stand against toxic and over- priced makeup. Making choices from moment to moment to do the best for yourself and the world.
Jace Loi

My favourite product would be the Sun Protection Powder... Sometimes when i don't want to put any makeup, I can use this versatile powder for added coverage and it can also help to reduce the oiliness on my skin. Reflections reminds us how we should protect our skin by using less or no harmful chemicals, such as organic products, as it benefits our skin and health in the long run!
June Au

My favourite reflections product are the face powders. Especially, the pressed mineral foundation. The colours are very easy to match any skin tones. The best part is, the colour actually blends into my skin and gives me a natural flawless look. There's also a tiny bit of shimmer that gives me a natural glow. Love it!
Fiona Teo

Reflections' Lip Glaze and its multitude of pretty colors and vibrant pigments never fail to add a pop of color to my lips! Much care has been taken to showcase high quality, mineral based ingredients that is kind to nature as it is on the individual who wears it!
Liyen Wee

The Lip Butter in Toasted Almond is the perfect color for me, and it adds a little dazzle! Its light and moisturizing at the same time, and the tints still remain after a long night out! Go for Reflections for guilt-free, natural and healthy cosmetics!
Desiree D

Reflections represents natural beauty and feminine strength, I also like that the products are made using only natural ingredients. The Lip Butter and Lip Glaze are  my favourites! 
Stephanie Thng

I am really loving your makeup! I've tried the Lip ButterPressed Mineral Blush and Pressed Mineral Foundation already love them! I am seriously impressed with the coverage of your Pressed Mineral  Foundation! The Pressed Mineral Blush is also very pigmented, amazing color payoff and its such a beautiful shade of dusty, rosy pink. Very natural, I love it! The Watermelon Lip Butter is really creamy and pigmented as well, with a lovely pop of coral pink!
Clare Chiang

I love the Lip Glaze! I love the fact that I'm ingesting organic products daily... Nice shades and good moisturising effect. 
Evie Quah

Hi dear! The color of the Mineral Powder Blush is lovely and the pigment is long-lasting! ;) good one!
Kat Julyan

I love the Sun Protection Powder!Usually I'm allergic to sunscreen but the powder works very well.
Mei Ying

I love the Anti-Aging BB Cream! It keeps my face moisturized without leaving my face oily.
Michelle Lai