Stephanie Lee - Reflections Organics' In-House Makeup Artist

Reflections Organics

is proud to present ex-Bobbi Brown trained makeup artist Stephanie Lee as our in-house makeup artist. Read on to get to know her better!





Stephanie took her first official step into the world of makeup with renowned beauty brand – Bobbi Brown, where she cultivated her work ethic of creating a look that is tailored to the client instead of blindly following trends.


She is an advocate of educating her clients and walking with them through their options when choosing a look, instead of just simply putting on makeup. She also specializes in helping women achieve looks that not just complement their facial features, but also bring out their personality, style and inner essence.


Her beliefs are very much aligned with Reflections Organics’ - that every woman should be who she wants to be, and that true beauty is what lies within. Stephanie firmly believes that educating a woman on how to wear makeup is the starting point to nurturing a more confident and more empowered woman – because when you look good, you feel great and when you feel great, you do better!


Ask Her Anything…

See the little blue facebook chat on the corner?  Well Stephanie wo-mans it!  Anytime you have any makeup queries or want to know more about Reflections Organics' products, feel free to chat her up!  Not to worry if she is away, she will get back to you as soon as she is back from her makeup artist duties. 


What her clients say…


“To me, my makeup is what makes me feel most confident. That is why whenever Stephanie does my make up I'm always at ease and know that I'm in good hands. I love her personal touch so much because she transforms me into someone I can barely recognize – a better version of myself! Plus I always get compliments about how I look! If you're looking for a make up artist, I would definitely recommend Stephanie in a heartbeat!”Chanel Goh, 26


“I've had the pleasure to work with Stephanie, a skilled makeup artist, for a while. She starts every session by getting to know her customers’ requests and patiently answers any questions they have about their makeup. She always puts her customers’ needs first and works with different skin tones effortlessly. Having done my makeup a few times, I can attest to that! She's made me my best self!” – Geeta Pillai, 29


“Stephanie was great and listened to what I preferred (ie. not too dramatic/fierce) and helpfully described what she planned to do before actually applying. What's more, she was efficient and confident throughout the session, constantly checking if I was ok with the process and thus making it a very comfortable and pleasant experience. I was happy with my final look and felt effortlessly beautiful for the rest of the day!” – Michelle Lim, 26


“Steph is GREAT with her choice of colours and blends, and she does an amazing job of making one look almost effortlessly pretty! She is also good at simple with a touch of glamour so one's youthfulness is enhanced! The icing on the cake is that she is lovely to have around, and makes you wish she was coming to the event with you! A definite high recommendation from me!” – Marian Sng, 38

"Stephanie is an artist in every sense of the word. She is able to recreate looks on the spot with no prior practise from natural to glamorous to artistic. She isn’t just able to apply flawless makeup, but also replicate looks from the movies using just cosmetics. She is also extremely fun to be around which makes the session so much more enjoyable!" Shawna Low, 33



"Stephanie puts in her 100% in every job! Having engaged her as my makeup artist for almost all my events, she has never disappointed me with her color combinations and hairstyles that works best with my outfits. She is also conscientious in making sure that my makeup lasts all day." – Claudia Cheng, 28



"Stephanie impressed me with her makeup techniques, contouring skills and choice of colors that best suit my skin tone and the looks I am going for. I have worked with many makeup artists before but Stephanie makes me feel the most comfortable and I trust her expert advice." – Kimberly Yin, 35