Stephanie, RO's own MUA! – Reflections Organics
Stephanie's caricature
Reflections Organics is proud to present ex-Bobbi Brown trained makeup artist Stephanie Lee as our in-house makeup artist. Read on to get to know her better!


Stephanie has always had a flare for beauty since she was a young girl. From this sparked a love for all things makeup, and a desire to change the world one woman at a time.


After completing her degree with UNLV, Steph took a leap of faith to further pursue her passion with Cosmoprof Academy, one of Singapore’s most recognized beauty schools. Upon graduation, she took her first official step into the world of makeup with renowned beauty brand – Bobbi Brown.


In her 2 years with Bobbi, she learned the importance of creating a look that is tailored to the client instead of blindly following trends. She also immersed herself in the teaching culture of the brand and advocates educating her clients and walking with them through their options when choosing a look, instead of just simply putting on makeup.


Steph has since built her career around focusing on enhancing a woman’s beauty from the inside out. She specializes in helping women achieve looks that not just complement their facial features, but also bring out their personality, style and inner essence.


Her philosophy is that her work is more than just about makeup and beauty. She firmly believes that educating a woman on how to wear makeup is the starting point to nurturing a more confident and more empowered woman – because when you look good, you feel great and when you feel great, you do better!